Friday, January 2, 2009

ITALY 2008

Its been so long. to blog. but somehow after looking at some of our honeymoon photos on our mac, suddenly got this urge to post our italy trip here! lets start with:


 NO! we didn't went there for the food!!! BUT... its sooooooooooo good!
the pizza at da michele, tiramisu at antica porta, porcini at el osteria, pasta at dal paino, panino at il fratellini, suppli at leo, gelato anywhere, everything at teatro de sale, pomodoros, etc etc. the tastes still lingers...  next time we go, it will be for the food!


this country is beautiful. Rivers and bridges, basillicas and chapels, domes and towers, statues and paintings, city squares and countryside. Oh how i miss the tree-lined city wall in Lucca!


Italy is known for many sights, colosseo, vatican, florence, etc etc. but the one that really desire to visit is Pompeii. the reason, silly as it may sound, is the magical impression it made for its appearance in our 0-levels english exam comprehension passage.


chianti actually!


pigeon 1, horse 0. hee


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